Your Promo Partner

About Us

A sub-brand to Your Print Partner, we are dedicated to providing high quality printed promotional products.

Utilising our vast knowledge and experience in the printing industry, Your Promo Partner was created to supplement the YPP brand, so that a client planning to exhibit at a trade show, for example, would be able to get all their promotional goods from under one roof.

Popular promotional products such as pens, mugs, bags, promotional gifts and custom clothing would therefore be added to the company product portfolio, with much of the printing completed in-house. Your Promo Partner is also dedicated to sourcing products for our range of eco-friendly and ethically sourced products.

Our Products

Your Promo Partner boasts of the same facilities as Your Print Partner, with an internal print and production centre. By encompassing sale through to print, Your Promo Partner is at a unique advantage for a promotional company, allowing us to provide our customers with better quality control, a great personable experience and excellent turnaround times. We strive to work with customers whatever their deadline and some of our products are capable of being dispatched to customers in as little as 48 hours.

In order to accommodate the various needs of our customers we also offer both digital and screen printing. By employing these printing methods, we are able to create multi-coloured and highly detailed print designs alongside vibrant designs in just a few different colours and print on dark surfaces. This also allows our company to carry out print runs in both large and small quantities to suit.

Your Promo Partner is working to forge simplicity within a hectic and saturated marketplace. We stand to be original, bold and upbeat, utilising our expertise in print to stand out from our competitors with a refreshing focus on design and service.

What they say

“Our pens are high quality, professionally printed, and everyone loves them. We’re sending them out to all our customers as part of our new promotional campaign!”


“We were looking for some stylish branded coffee cups to be able to use in client meetings, and the YPP team sourced some lovely printed latte mugs for us in no time at all.”


“The guys at YPP had so many suggestions for promotional products for us, based on their own experiences at various trade exhibitions. The service was fantastic, and our printed notebooks and shopping bags really helped us push our brand to a new audience.”


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